Artur Matuck

Has been teaching Communications, Media Arts and Literature at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, since 1984. He has worked as writer, visual artist, video producer, performer, art historian, media designer and philosopher. He has been delivering conferences and workshops worldwide. He has exhibited in several São Paulo Biennials. In 1990, he completed a history of video art and interactive television published in Brazil as The Dialogical Potential of Television. During 1991, he conceived and produced Reflux, a pioneer worldwide project on netcollaboration. In 1995 he started experimenting with text-reprocessing software. Landscript, his text-reprocessing site was featured at the 25th São Paulo Biennial International in 2002. He has been coordinating, since 2001, the international symposium Acta Media, on media arts and digital culture, at the University of São Paulo. He has also founded the Colabor Center for Digital Languages conceived to integrate student and faculty research through computer-mediated collaboration. His most recent work involves theoretical and philosophical research on media languages as they relate to thought evolution and human rights in a digital age. Site:

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